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The Kingdom of the Setting Sun

The Kingdom of the Setting Sun

(p.205) 7 The Kingdom of the Setting Sun
The Indies of the Setting Sun
Ricardo Padrón
University of Chicago Press

While the previous chapter discussed the political and military dimensions of Spanish cartographic writing, this chapter emphasizes the religious dimensions of the transpacific imagination. Marcelo de Ribadeneira’s 1601 history of the Spanish Franciscan missionary effort in East and Southeast Asia becomes a crucial piece of cartographic writing, which transforms and extends the millenarian historiography that had been developed by the Franciscans of New Spain to accommodate the order’s new, transpacific mission territories and to invest the 1596 Nagasaki martyrdoms with world-historical significance. It also provides insight into the ways that regular shipping across the South Sea (i.e., the Pacific) could transform the representation of ocean travel.

Keywords:   Marcelo de Ribadeneira, Franciscan millenarianism, Nagasaki Martyrs, ocean travel, Japan

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