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The Spread of Humanitarian Logics into New Domains

The Spread of Humanitarian Logics into New Domains

(p.88) Four The Spread of Humanitarian Logics into New Domains
Above the Fray
Shai M. Dromi
University of Chicago Press

The nascent transnational humanitarian field relied in many ways on actors in other fields who affirmed its importance and independence, such as legal scholars, nursing professionals, and journalists. This chapter traces the relationships between the humanitarian field and the fields of nursing, journalism, religion, and international law in the late nineteenth century. It examines the symbiotic relationship that emerged between the transnational humanitarian field and each of these other fields. As the chapter shows, the affiliation with humanitarian actors helped these other fields reimagine their own undertakings as aligning with the common good. The Red Cross in particular provided the language to confer distinction and prestige on their undertakings.

Keywords:   nursing, international humanitarian law, war journalism, religion, social fields, Red Cross, Gustave Moynier, Clara Barton, Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns, Francis Lieber

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