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Kālī’s Child: The Challenge of Secret Publics

Kālī’s Child: The Challenge of Secret Publics

(p.223) 10 Kālī’s Child: The Challenge of Secret Publics
Who Owns Religion?
Laurie L. Patton
University of Chicago Press

This chapter analyzes the “sexual offenses” in Jeffrey Kripal's work. In Kālī's Child dated 1995, Kripal argues that homoerotic perspectives were influential in the Hindu saint Ramakrishna's spiritual development. After the publication of Kālī's Child, scathing attacks were published in Calcutta's Statesman newspaper and a number of other Indian newspapers and websites. It describes the motion to ban the book that was put before the Indian Parliament and outlines two very lengthy reviews by Swami Tayagananda of the Boston Vedanta society and by authors on the Hindu site, Sulekh. The chapter focuses specifically on the issue of homosexuality and eroticism in contemporary study of Hinduism.

Keywords:   sexual offenses, Jeffrey Kripal, homoerotic, Ramakrishna, Sulekh, homosexuality, eroticism, Hinduism

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