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Preamble Mediating Genres

Preamble Mediating Genres

(p.25) Preamble Mediating Genres
Genres of the Credit Economy
Mary Poovey
University of Chicago Press

This preamble provides an overview of the three genres emerging from the generic differentiation process: imaginative genres, financial writing, and monetary genres. The three forms of writing are separated into three distinct groups because our modern disciplines do so; the kinds of writing that appear in each group are described in terms of each other, instead of in relation to all the other kinds, because this is the way that modern disciplines generally understand generic affiliation. The chapter emphasizes the incommensurability of these genres, which a historical perspective enables us to see, rather than the homologies that a theoretical perspective might highlight, because variations that were once social or functional have now come to seem essential or definitive.

Keywords:   modern discipline, generic affiliation, imaginative genres, financial writing, monetary genres

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