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Introduction Bibliographic Subjects

Introduction Bibliographic Subjects

(p.1) Introduction Bibliographic Subjects
Dreaming in Books
Andrew Piper
University of Chicago Press

This book discusses the fundamental ways through which western cultures became bibliographic cultures, which was was through reading literature. As books streamed in ever greater numbers from publishing houses in London, Philadelphia, Paris, Stuttgart, and Berlin, romantic writing and romantic writers played a crucial role in facilitating readers' adaptation to this increasingly international and overflowing bookish environment. This book attempts to recover very different imaginaries of how books worked and what books did in the past. Many arguments are given about the most pressing communicative concerns being faced today that are not unique to the digital age, but emerged with a particular sense of urgency during the bookish upheavals of the romantic age. Many literary scholars today have begun to draw attention to the ways that bibliographic details are key determinants, but also key multipliers, of textual meaning.

Keywords:   western cultures, bibliographic cultures, publishing houses, books, textual meaning, literary scholars

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