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“Di tanti palpiti”

“Di tanti palpiti”

(p.179) 11 “Di tanti palpiti”
Music in the Present Tense
Emanuele Senici
University of Chicago Press

This chapter pursues the line of enquiry first addreessed in the previous one by delving into the special case of “Di tanti palpiti,” a tune for the title character in Tancredi and Rossini’s most famous single piece in early nineteenth-century Italy (and beyond). Following its travels outside the urban sphere and into the countryside in the form of folk songs, the chapter asks why this particular melody might have been singled out by its extraordinary success, comparing it both with other tunes by Rossini and with other melodies with literate origins that became “popular” songs. This comparative exercise brings to the fore the crucial function of memory in the diffusion of Rossini’s music, at different social levels and therefore at different degrees of familiarity with his operas.

Keywords:   Tancredi, Di tanti palpiti, folksong, memory

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