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(p.31) 2 Repetition
Music in the Present Tense
Emanuele Senici
University of Chicago Press

The chapter addresses recent interpretations of Rossini’s style. Analytical findings suggest that in his first masterpieces, especially Tancredi and L’Italiana in Algeri, Rossini swiftly accomplished a process of focalization on a restricted number of stylistic and formal conventions. Many agree that the repetition of a limited number of musical ideas was the most distinctive feature of Rossini’s scores when compared with those of his predecessors. The chapter argues, however, that repetition plays a significantly larger role in Rossini’s musical language than has been recognized thus far. The question that emerges is then whether Rossini’s contemporaries also perceived repetition as a distinguishing feature of his style.

Keywords:   repetition, conventions, Tancredi, L'Italiana in Algeri

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