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The Clamor of Voices

The Clamor of Voices

(p.3) The Clamor of Voices
(p.iii) The Voice as Something More
Martha FeldmanJudith T. Zeitlin
University of Chicago Press

This essayistic introduction to The Voice as Something More: Essays toward Materiality begins in part one by explaining the Lacanian foundations of voice studies as manifested in the writings of Mladen Dolar. From there, it goes on to consider how voice studies have confronted issues of materiality through embodiment, language, sonic disturbance, postcolonial encounter, the mechanical, and the technological, as well as through race and difference, with further attention to the writings of Roland Barthes, Michel De Certeau, Carolyn Abbate, Gary Tomlinson, Fred Moten, Daphne Brooks, and Josh Kun, among others. The essay ends by exploring thematic and theoretical connections among the various contributions in the volume, with synoptic accounts of each, looping back to issues raised in the opening part of the essay.

Keywords:   Jacques Lacan, Mladen Dolar, Michel de Certeau, Roland Barthes, Carolyn Abbate, Gary Tomlinson, Fred Moten, voice, technology, race

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