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Blue Zones

Blue Zones

(p.158) 6 Blue Zones
The Revolution's Echoes
Nomi Dave
University of Chicago Press

This chapter considers the ways in which the lines between authoritarianism and democracy and between the past and the present remain blurred in Guinea today. It considers the new role of the private sector in neoliberal cultural initiatives, as illustrated by two concerts held to celebrate the end of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea in 2015. It also notes the continuing endurance of praise singing and musical practices rooted in tradition, collective pride, and cultural memory. It concludes the book with a call to understand authoritarianism from the bottom-up, as a system of power that ordinary people at times invest with meaning and feeling, while also asking how pleasure and aesthetics might create and sustain a different kind of politics in Guinea and a new sense of self-recognition for Guineans in the future.

Keywords:   authoritarianism, neoliberalism, Ebola, memory, self recognition

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