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Warriors for Peace

Warriors for Peace

(p.108) 4 Warriors for Peace
The Revolution's Echoes
Nomi Dave
University of Chicago Press

This chapter foregrounds the notion of expressive quietness and ambiguity – and of when not to name – in Guinean musical and political culture today. It focuses on a relatively new genre of youth-oriented urban traditional music and its link to ideologies of youth, innovation, and rebelliousness, both historically and today. The narrative focuses on the increasing volatility of the Guinean military regime in 2009, culminating in an act of large-scale political violence. It examines the build-up of popular anger against the military regime in 2009, and the corresponding silence of musicians, both young and old. It also examines the emergence of a new voice of public protest in recent years, heard on the street and over the radio, and highlighting political quietness in music.

Keywords:   quietness, political violence, protest, urban traditional music

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