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Aliite Faith in American Citizenship

(p.178) Conclusion
The Aliites
Spencer Dew
University of Chicago Press

Moorish Science Temple of America nationalization ceremonies—patterned off of the naturalization ceremonies that incorporates immigrants as new citizens of the United States—are understood as legally marking one’s reclamation of Moorish nationality and, thus, transforming participants from outsiders, excluded from the American political process, into full citizens of the USA. For Aliites, citizenship is more than mere legal status; it is a process of world transformation, world salvation, a responsibility to participate in the struggle to instantiate true law on earth. This concluding chapter locates Aliites faith in such universal and eternal All-Law as a faith in alternity, in an otherwise possibility to the dangers of state systems and aw enforcement.

Keywords:   nationalization, citizenship, law, alternity, otherwise possibility, illegality, Noble Drew Ali

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