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Beneath the Wings and the Shadow of the Eagle

Beneath the Wings and the Shadow of the Eagle

Aliite Sovereignty and the Power of the State

(p.86) 04 Beneath the Wings and the Shadow of the Eagle
The Aliites
Spencer Dew
University of Chicago Press

This chapter Aliite encounter with and argumentation before representatives of the power of the state, specifically judges and police officers. Aliites use such encounters to attempt to convert and compel state agents to accept true law, a process rooted in understandings of the compelling power of law as love, as natural and divine, a truth knowledge of which is preexisting in all humans. While legal performances in courtrooms and on the streets serve as essential aspects of the struggle of citizenship, to align American with All-Law’s law, watchdog groups and law enforcement criminalize such practices, misrepresenting Aliite communities and beliefs, most especially the belief that the power of the state can only be met with the power of law.

Keywords:   Sovereignty, state, power, law, love, criminalization, sovereign citizens

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