The Discourse of Police Interviews

The Discourse of Police Interviews

Marianne Mason and Frances Rock

Print publication date: 2020

ISBN: 9780226647654

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


The Discourse of Police Interviews examines how police interviews are discursively constructed and institutionally used to investigate and prosecute crimes. This volume investigates multiple discursive approaches to the analysis of police-lay person exchanges. It aims to promote dialogue not only between scholars who specialize in language and the law, but also among scholars in cognate disciplines, such as linguistic anthropology, criminology, law, and sociology, to name a few. The volume explores themes including the sociolegal, psychological, and discursive framework of popular police interview methods, such as PEACE and Reid, the role of the discursive practices of institutional representatives (e.g., police officers, interpreters) in bringing about linguistic transformations, and the impact that these transformations can have on the construction and evidential quality and value of linguistic evidence. The analysis includes an examination of both oral and written data, as well as the role of metalanguage and multimodality in understanding the police interview.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Chapter One Introduction

Marianne Mason

Section I The Discourse of Reid and PEACE

Chapter Two When Police Interview Victims of Sexual Assault

Elizabeth Stokoe, Charles Antaki, Emma Richardson, and Sara Willott

Section II Police Interview Dynamics and Negotiation

Chapter Six Now the Rest of the Story

Gary C. David and James Trainum

Chapter Eight Supporting Competing Narratives

David Yoong and Ayeshah Syed

Section III Discursive Transformations in Bilingual Police Interviews

Chapter Ten Interactional Management in a Simulated Police Interview

Sandra Hale, Jane Goodman-Delahunty, and Natalie Martschuk

Section IV The Discursive Journey and Institutional Applications of Police Interviews

End Matter