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Epilogue—Remembrances of Queen Katherine

Epilogue—Remembrances of Queen Katherine

September1548 to post-1571

(p.177) PART 5 Epilogue—Remembrances of Queen Katherine
Katherine Parr
University of Chicago Press

A number of remembrances for or about Katherine Parr from September 1548 to post-1571 are presented. These include: Elizabeth Tyrwhit's account of Dowager Queen Katherine's state of mind and behavior on September 3, 1548, given in early February 1549; the last will and testament of Dowager Queen Katherine Parr, September 5, 1548; an anonymous narrative of Dowager Queen Katherine Parr's funeral and burial in the chapel of Sudeley Castle, September [7], 1548; the hammered lead inscription plate on Katherine Parr's coffin, circa September 1548; and John Parkhurst's two Latin epitaphs on Katherine Parr, circa September 1548.

Keywords:   Elizabeth Tyrwhit, will, funeral, coffin, epitaphs, John Parkhurst

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