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Prologue to Queenship

Prologue to Queenship

Before July 1543

(p.37) PART 1 Prologue to Queenship
Katherine Parr
University of Chicago Press

A number of letters and texts by, for, or about Katherine Parr before July 1543 are presented here. These include: inscriptions by Parr family members in a book of hours belonging to Sir Thomas Parr, Katherine's deceased father, before becoming the property of her uncle, Sir William Parr of Horton, written circa 1520; verses written by King Henry VIII in a volume containing a sermon by St. John Chrysostom, belonging to Katherine Parr, recent widow of John Neville, Lord Latimer, between February and July 1543; Archbishop Thomas Cranmer's license for the marriage of King Henry VIII and Katherine Parr Latimer, including dispensation of the required proclamation of banns, July 10, 1543; notarial instrument witnessing the marriage of Henry VIII and Katherine Parr Latimer, July 12, 1543; a letter by Queen Katherine Parr to her brother, Lord William Parr, July 20, 1543; and biblical verses inscribed by Queen Katherine in her volume containing a sermon of St. John Chrysostom, perhaps around the time of her marriage to King Henry.

Keywords:   correspondence, letters, texts, sermon, marriage license, Parr family, King Henry VIII, Thomas Cranmer, biblical verses

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