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The Lamentation of a Sinner1

The Lamentation of a Sinner1

(p.443) The Lamentation of a Sinner1
Katherine Parr
University of Chicago Press

This chapter dwells upon Katherine Parr's “Lamentation of a Sinner,” one of the most free-standing of Parr's works in its preponderance of original composition which presents a life-changing conversion experience in the mode of a spiritual autobiography. The opening section of the book is penitential and confessional. Parr acknowledges her sins and her indulgence in evilness that condemned and despised God's holy precepts and commandments. She says that she has failed to understand the wonderful mystery of the mercy of God, a heavenly practice of regeneration and a spiritual enchantment of the grace of God. She proclaims that no mortal man is of power to help her and for the multitude of her sins as she did not lift her eyes to heaven, where the seat of judgment is. So she pledges to call upon Christ, the light of the world, the fountain of life, and to declare her ways to the Lord, stop loving darkness better than light so he would have mercy upon her. She decides to inwardly behold Christ upon the cross, relinquish the services of a blind guide called ignorance, who dimmed her eyes forcing her to travel uncomfortably in the foul, wicked, crooked, and perverse ways.

Keywords:   Katherine Parr, lamentation, confessions, penitence, Christ, Crucifix, atonement

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