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Forms vs. Laws of Nature

Forms vs. Laws of Nature

(p.77) Three Forms vs. Laws of Nature
Maimonides and Spinoza
Joshua Parens
University of Chicago Press

This chapter attempts to bring out the theoretical role of form and incorporeality in the Guide. In doing so, several aspects must be considered. First, the role of form in the anthropology of the Guide is considered; second, the connection between form and what Lachterman has called the ineliminable multiplicity of being in Aristotelian philosophy; third, the counterevidence to the argument presented in this chapter; and finally, the special connection between form and premodern philosophy. The Guide, rather than beginning with an immediate focus on God, begins by focusing on human beings. Even if the opening discussion of image and likeness establishes a link between God and human being, the first two chapters of the Guide are strikingly focused on human being.

Keywords:   form, incorporeality, lachterman, premodern philosophy, god, human being

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