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Friends and Foes in the World

Friends and Foes in the World

(p.74) Chapter Three Friends and Foes in the World
The Foreign Policy Disconnect
University of Chicago Press

This chapter uses data from the 2002 and 2004 Chicago Council on Foreign Relations surveys to explore the positive or negative feelings that Americans express toward many different foreign countries and foreign leaders. It also looks at earlier surveys to examine how such feelings have changed over a thirty-year period, finding that when major events occur, feelings about the particular countries involved tend to be adjusted accordingly, but that otherwise they generally have been rather stable. The chapter goes on to analyze how individuals' feelings about foreign countries and leaders are affected by their personal characteristics (especially their levels of formal education and their religious affiliations); their ideological and partisan attitudes (particularly their internationalism, or belief that the United States should take an “active part” in the world); and their knowledge of world affairs.

Keywords:   Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Americans, public opinion, foreign countries, foreign leaders, world affairs, internationalism

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