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Narrating Multiplicity: Conflict and Coherence

Narrating Multiplicity: Conflict and Coherence

(p.96) Four Narrating Multiplicity: Conflict and Coherence
Beyond Betrayal
Patricia EwickMarc W. Steinberg
University of Chicago Press

Finally, members were regularly challenged to manage group diversity along the internal relational axis. Much of their early history involved working groups in which members self-identified and pursued actions on one of the three planks: supporting survivors of abuse, supporting priests of integrity and changing the structure of the Church. Members tended to embed themselves in one goal, producing differences and conflict. Compounding these distinctions was a rupture in the structure of group dynamics, with the swift exit of the informal leader of the group after five years. This chapter explores how the group engaged in producing a meta-narrative that reconciled these conflicts by fashioning a collective identity that encompassed sameness and difference.

Keywords:   internal conflict, sameness, difference

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