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Narrating Rupture and Continuity

Narrating Rupture and Continuity

(p.49) Two Narrating Rupture and Continuity
Beyond Betrayal
Patricia EwickMarc W. Steinberg
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines how St. Erasmus VOTFers negotiated the tensions between continuity and change, a “before and after”. On the one hand, their origin story highlights the latter in dramatic fashion; a group compelled to assemble and act because of outside forces that threatened “their Church” and faith. It is a tale of quiescence shaken to action. On the other hand, members also had to maintain a claim to continuity, both in terms of their understanding of themselves as life-long “faithful Catholics” and as worldly in understanding the necessity of resistance. Stories of temporality provide the evolving means by which members situated themselves in the past, present, and future, negotiating continuity and change.

Keywords:   origin story, successor stories, temporality

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