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“Dyynge and talking”: Hoccleve’s Loquacious Archive

“Dyynge and talking”: Hoccleve’s Loquacious Archive

(p.215) Chapter Eleven “Dyynge and talking”: Hoccleve’s Loquacious Archive
Arts of Dying
D. Vance Smith
University of Chicago Press

Thomas Hoccleve's Series anticipates its ending almost from the start, and the recognition that a "good end" is both necessary and ultimately inadequate is symptomatized in an array of stylistic and formal tics and interruptions, including the movement from poetry to prose at The Canterbury Tales' ending, which Hoccleve echoes in his version of an early full-blown treatise on the art of dying. The series of poems are a kind of late style, poised between aural, garrulous confession and the silent "commvnynge" of texts.

Keywords:   Thomas Hoccleve, series, prose, poetry, art of dying

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