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Unearthly Earth: Mortuary Lyric

Unearthly Earth: Mortuary Lyric

(p.65) Chapter Four Unearthly Earth: Mortuary Lyric
Arts of Dying
D. Vance Smith
University of Chicago Press

A four-line poem in Harley 2253 pushes the single word "earth" to the limits of sense: it means so much that it also means almost nothing. It plays out the problem of reference in death: there is no term adequate to designate it, and yet a single term is the mimetic action of termination, the discourse of finitude. The poem is the vernacular equivalent of the attempt to designate reference in fourteenth-century supposition theory, and its deceptive simplicity is the outward face of cryptic depth.

Keywords:   Harley 2253 lyrics, supposition theory, earth, finitude

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