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(p.1) Introduction
James G. DwyerShawn F. Peters
University of Chicago Press

The introduction outlines the frameworks that will be used throughout the book, introducing the major historical and philosophical approaches to homeschooling. The historian aims to understand and describe the infinitely variable educational models that fall under the umbrella of "homeschooling," and the philosopher seeks neat normative conclusions about the permissibility of a practice whose consequences and underlying intentions differ considerably from one family to the next. This book is a unique pairing of these two disciplinary approaches to the subject. In the chapters to come the historian will sketch a history of homeschooling to the present, and the philosopher applies a moral framework constructed from the best account of what rights and duties the three players in the drama possess—the child, the parent, and the state—to analyze the competing arguments and ultimately generate a prescription for state policy.

Keywords:   parens partriae, homeschooling, educational rights

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