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Decolonizing Antisemitism

Decolonizing Antisemitism

(p.212) 8 Decolonizing Antisemitism
Days of Awe
Atalia Omer
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on marginality as a resource for refashioning Jewishness. It scrutinizes efforts to decolonize and deorientalize the meanings of antisemitism, denoting a shift in the social movement of Jews critical of the occupation from simply negating the rhetorical equation of anti-Israeli occupation with antisemitism by showing up visibly as Jews to anti-occupation protests. The shift was generated by the broader Palestine solidarity movement's increased need to name actual antisemitism, a need that became especially acute during the Trump era. The chapter traces Jewish Voice for Peace's effort to grapple with antisemitism in an intersectional and relational manner, patterns of inter-traditional discursive work on Christian antisemitism and how it manifests in Palestine solidarity, deepens the examination of the interrelations between orientalism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism, and examines the lived resources and critical constructive insights Mizrahi, Sephardi and Jews of Color embody for articulating alternative public narratives.

Keywords:   Jews of Color, Mizrahi, antisemitism, white supremacy, orientalism, divestment, co-resistance

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