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Reimagining Tradition

Reimagining Tradition

(p.153) 6 Reimagining Tradition
Days of Awe
Atalia Omer
University of Chicago Press

This chapter addresses the what question: What kind of Jewishness or Judaism is articulated by the Jewish Palestine solidarity movement in relation to broader trends in American Judaism? The how and what questions are deeply interrelated because, in this case, process and outcome are mutually reinforcing. At the center of the chapter is an examination of Tzedek Chicago, a pre-figurative, Jewish, non-Zionist community that consciously attempts to reread the tradition by innovating its liturgy through a relational engagement with Palestinians and other victims of injustice. The chapter examines the production of Judaism as antimilitarist, spiritual, ethical, un-chsen, diasporist, multiracial, and postnationalist within the historical context of American Judaism, arguing that the emergence of such a community of resistance is highly consistent with the social movement of critics but not reducible to the movement's objectives. Hence, the chapter grapples with a question not often asked, one that moves beyond functionalist approach to religion and protest: How does social movement participate in re-articulating religiosity?

Keywords:   Tzedek Chicago, non Zionist Judaism, doikayt, prophetic pastiche, Jewish social justice

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