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(p.71) 3 Unlearning
Days of Awe
Atalia Omer
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines two intertwined processes related to the emergence and consolidation of the Jewish diasporist social movement in the US: ethical outrage and unlearning. It focuses on the stories activists tell about their own self-transformation, or how they came to reorient their solidarities through emphatic indignation, reinforced by their unlearning of ideology. The chapter analyzes the stories captured in semi-structured interviews with activists, as well as the testimonies shared on social media. The interviews show how activists portray their processes of re-narration, which inform the shift of their solidarity from Israelis to Palestinians. The chapter likewise investigates the relationships between prior politicization on LGBTQI+ issues, antimilitarism, humanitarianism, and neoliberalismm and assuming the cause of Palestinians. It also introduces the complex operation of pinkwashing and accusations of antisemitism on anti-occupation Jewish activism and broader Palestine solidarity.

Keywords:   unlearning, pinkwashing, Mizrahi Jews, Jews of Color, Ashkenazi hegemony, white supremacy

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