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Living the Days of Awe, Relentlessly: An Introduction

Living the Days of Awe, Relentlessly: An Introduction

(p.1) Living the Days of Awe, Relentlessly: An Introduction
Days of Awe
Atalia Omer
University of Chicago Press

This introductory chapter illuminates the liturgical function of the Days of Awe in the Jewish imagination. It extends the meanings of the liminality of the Days of Awe as a lens through which to trace ethnographically the grappling of American Jews with the meanings of Israel, diaspora, their complicity with the occupation of Palestinians as well as with whiteness, privilege, and American racism. The chapter foregrounds the intersection of gender, race, and religion as actual resources actively operational in the processes leading American Jews to reassess the meanings Israel and Palestine occupy in their identity, ethical commitment, and religiosity. The reassessment of the meanings of Israel and the ethical engagement with the occupation generates and reveals processes of atonement and mourning hence the theme of the relentlessness of the Days of Awe as a distinguishing characteristic of Jewish Palestine solidarity. Further, inhabiting the twilight of the Days of Awe, relentlessly explains,the interlinking of social justice foci and the resourcefulness and relevance of marginal Jewish voices as constituting key pathways for decolonizing Jewishness. The chapter further outlines the structure of the book and anticipates conclusions pertaining the intersectional and relational dynamics of reimagining Jewishness through social movement.

Keywords:   intersectionality, Zionism, American Jews critical of the occupation, Palestine solidarity, American Jewish community

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