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Song and Sound

Song and Sound

(p.72) 3 Song and Sound
Making Music Indigenous
Joshua Tucker
University of Chicago Press

"Song and Sound" continues to explore the sense of sentient ecology that organized musical practice in Chuschi District, focusing on elements of chimaycha performance and aesthetics. It describes the values of strength and force that organized appreciation of vocal and instrumental delivery, particularly with respect to timbre, as well as the metaphors of nature and personal experience that organized song lyrics. It shows how chimaycha's aesthetic system linked notions of youthful vigor and power to evocations of local geography and ecology, binding human performers into broader systems of social and physical reproduction. It also explores links between such performances and social structure, focusing in particular on the way that chimaycha performance acted as a vehicle for the enactment of gender norms, on one hand, and inter- or intracommunity rivalries, on the other

Keywords:   Peru, Quechua, Music, Ecology, Indigenous Peoples, Gender

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