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Landscape, Performance, and Social Structure

Landscape, Performance, and Social Structure

(p.48) 2 Landscape, Performance, and Social Structure
Making Music Indigenous
Joshua Tucker
University of Chicago Press

"Landscape, Performance, and Social Structure" provides an overview of the circumstances in which the Quechua-speaking peoples of Chuschi District played and sang chimaycha music over the latter half of the twentieth century. Drawing largely on the memories of two key musicians from the towns of Chuschi and Quispillaccta, it centers on the organization of the vida michiy, a nocturnal celebration and courting custom that was the privileged forum for chimaycha performance. It focuses particularly on the way that the vida michiy was linked to the agricultural and pastoral activities that sustained both towns, and to the seasonal cycles and geographic influences that guided those agropastoral activities. Drawing out these links between landscape, environment, social order, and sound, the chapter shows how musical practice served to support a district-level "sentient ecology," in the sense used by anthropologist Tim Ingold.

Keywords:   Peru, Music, Indigenous Peoples, Quechua, Landscape, Ecology, Andes

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