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Epilogue: Toward an Ecological Civilization

Epilogue: Toward an Ecological Civilization

(p.243) Epilogue: Toward an Ecological Civilization
Abundant Earth
Eileen Crist
University of Chicago Press

The Epilogue recaps central themes of the book and urges abdicating the common refrain to "save civilization." Civilization does not need to be saved but reinvented, since the domination of nature is constitutional to its very nature. The Epilogue argues that as long as the natural world is constituted as "resources" for wealth and power, social inequities will prevail. It also argues that if social justice (equal distribution of resources) were somehow achieved (at the expense of Earth's biological wealth and integrity), the very notion of "justice" would be rendered hollow. Superseding human supremacy and building an ecological civilization founded on love for Earth is the only option.

Keywords:   civilization, ecological civilization, social justice, cosmic justice

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