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Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

(p.1) Introduction Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Alexander L. Fattal
University of Chicago Press

The introduction situates the Program for Humanitarian Attention to the Demobilized (PAHD within the broader assemblage of Colombia’s post-conflict state, which emerged in Colombia in the early 2000s. In the post-conflict state, neoliberalism, a redoubled militarism on account of Plan Colombia, and global discourses of humanitarianism are all entangled. During the turn of the millennium a slew of foreign advisers from the Washington D.C. and Madison Avenue arrived to advise the Colombian Ministry of Defense about how to handle propaganda. The fusion of material and immaterial dimensions of the counterinsurgency fashioned a form of total mobilization that the author terms brand warfare. The introduction elaborates on the theoretical underpinnings of brand warfare and the double meaning of the book’s title, Guerrilla Marketing, setting out a broader argument about the relationship between war and capitalism in the early twenty-first century. At its core, that relationship is predicated on the exercise of rending objects and ideas, commodities and conflicts, virtuous. The introduction also provides an extensive reflection on the conditions of access that enabled the research and the complex ethics of conducting an in-depth ethnography inside of a security state.

Keywords:   post-conflict state, brand warfare, guerrilla marketing, war and capitalism, total mobilization, neoliberalism, militarism, access and ethics, theoretical underpinnings

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