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What Is to Be Done about Billionaires?

What Is to Be Done about Billionaires?

(p.126) Chapter Six What Is to Be Done about Billionaires?
Billionaires and Stealth Politics
Benjamin I. PageJason SeawrightMatthew J. Lacombe
University of Chicago Press

Chapter 6 relates our findings to general ideas about democracy. It mentions the damage to political equality that may result if the wealthiest Americans wield much more political influence than other citizens can muster. The chapter focuses on the special problems posed by stealth politics, which helps billionaires avoid being held accountable by their fellow citizens. The book closes by suggesting some possible remedies that citizens might want to pursue if they wish to make wealthy Americans more politically accountable – namely, getting the stealthiness out of politics by increasing transparency in the realm of campaign contributions. It also notes the broader types of reforms that would be needed if one wished to increase political equality and reinvigorate majoritarian democracy in America.

Keywords:   billionaires, democracy, inequality, democratic reform, campaign contributions

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