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Does Bicameralism Work in the Modern Congress?

Does Bicameralism Work in the Modern Congress?

(p.1) Chapter One Does Bicameralism Work in the Modern Congress?
The Congressional Endgame
Josh M. Ryan
University of Chicago Press

The Framers designed a bicameral Congress to prevent legislative overreach and ensure compromise. More than two hundred years later, strong parties and intransigent policy problems have led to some criticism of a system in which two equal and distinct chambers share responsibility for lawmaking. Is the design of Congress antiquated, or does it continue to produce the outcomes desired by the Framers? In this chapter, I introduce these questions and begin to outline a basic framework around which to answer them. The chapter includes a discussion of the theoretical limitations that currently explain congressional outcomes in the two-chambered context and the difficulty in measuring how House-Senate bargaining change bills.

Keywords:   interchamber resolution, constitutional design, bicameralism

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