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Feeling White and Hating Foreigners

Feeling White and Hating Foreigners

(p.129) Chapter Six Feeling White and Hating Foreigners
Enchanted America
J. Eric OliverThomas J. Wood
University of Chicago Press

Chapter Six examines the links between ethnocentrism and Intuitionism. The links between the two relies on the type of ethnocentric attitudes involved. Nativist attitudes create a strong connection between Intuitionism and ethnocentrism. Intuitionists are more likely to identify as Americans and to harbour negative views of immigrants. But with white racial resentment, how pervasive is this relationship? With other ethnicities? How pronounced is racial animosity? Is it a particular subset, or seen throughout Intuitionists as a whole? These are the questions to which answers are sought in this chapter.

Keywords:   social identity, ethnocentrism and Intuitionism, emotional need, immigration and trade

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