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Mapping Richmond’s Slave Trade in 1853

Mapping Richmond’s Slave Trade in 1853

(p.55) 3 Mapping Richmond’s Slave Trade in 1853
Slaves Waiting for Sale
Maurie D. McInnis
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes Thackeray’s and Crowe’s visit to Richmond, Virginia, in March 1853. Thackeray and Crowe stayed in Richmond for six days; from there they went to Charleston and Savannah. While they spent less than a month in the South, both were able to observe slavery up close, which fueled their artistic production in the following decade: Thackeray’s novel The Virginians; and Crowe’s paintings and illustrations of slavery and the slave trade.

Keywords:   eyre crowe, william makepeace thackeray, virginia, american slavery, virginians, slave trade

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