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Educating “Progressive” Sons

Educating “Progressive” Sons

(p.97) Chapter Eight: Educating “Progressive” Sons
Worries of the Heart
University of Chicago Press

This chapter addresses the problem of African education in western Kenya. Education continued to preoccupy Maragoli leaders in the 1930s and 1940s. The leaders looked to education as the only way for their sons to advance in the colonial world. The Africans' demand for improved education was not isolated to western Kenya. Throughout the 1930s, members of the North Kavirondo Local Native Council (LNC) debated for their sons' education with uninhibited enthusiasm. Improvements in African education, driven largely by African initiatives, occurred in other parts of western Kenya. The new schools required much more capital for maintenance, and the costs were naturally passed on to the students and their families. It is noted in this chapter that widows wanted their sons to secure lucrative jobs and eventually they wanted this to help them meet their financial needs.

Keywords:   African education, Maragoli leaders, sons, colonial world, African initiatives, western Kenya, widows

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