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Lessons in Practical Christianity

Lessons in Practical Christianity

(p.45) Chapter Four: Lessons in Practical Christianity
Worries of the Heart
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses lessons taught in practical Christianity. The missionaries' plan was for the converts to master the ethical and economic codes of practical Christianity and then move away from the missionary centers to outlying areas and establish their own Christian villages. The missionaries prayed equally hard that the Maragoli would abandon their heathen burial rituals. The missionaries were also concerned about the Maragoli habit of making sacrifices to ancestors in the event of illness. The missionaries did not always appreciate Maragoli interpretations of the teachings. At times, the converts put the teachings of the Bible to surprisingly unintended uses. The Bible could be employed to untangle the missionaries from whatever social predicament they encountered. The new Christians would take a great deal of pleasure in spreading the “germ” to many communities in Maragoli, infecting the more susceptible of its members.

Keywords:   practical Christianity, Christian villages, missionaries, Maragoli, teachings, heathen burial rituals, sacrifices, Bible

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