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Feeble Little Lads Looking for Food

Feeble Little Lads Looking for Food

(p.23) Chapter Two: Feeble Little Lads Looking for Food
Worries of the Heart
University of Chicago Press

This chapter looks at food missionaries in western Kenya. Willis Hotchkiss, Edgar Hole, and Arthur Chilson were the first missionaries to work in western Kenya. The missionaries no doubt wanted to make Kaimosi feel a bit more like home, more like the midwestern landscape they had left back in America. Emory and Deborah Rees became the first missionaries to live and work actively among the Maragoli. Like the missionaries in Kaimosi, they had to provide food and medicine to the local people to make them strong and healthy before they could begin teaching them the gospel. For some of the children, the missionaries offered physical sustenance that was impossible to disregard. Most Maragoli boycotted everything concerning the missionaries. Despite the prayers, the fear of whites remained so strong that by the end of 1906 only about six converts remained.

Keywords:   food missionaries, western Kenya, Willis Hotchkiss, Edgar Hole, Arthur Chilson, Kaimosi, Emory Rees, Deborah Rees, Maragoli

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