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(p.193) Conclusion
Worries of the Heart
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents a summary of the colonial and postcolonial periods of Maragoli through the eyes of Maragoli men and women. The Maragoli felt disappointment in their government and how it altered their outlook. It is believed that many of the informants were at least partially motivated to praise the colonizers because they wanted to see change in the new government, not necessarily because they had liked colonial rule. Every one of them wanted the black leaders of independent Kenya to take responsibility for the social and economic problems they faced, and they wanted them at the very least to provide basic social amenities such as clean water and schools for their children. But, these troubles are as of yet not likely to be remedied easily or quickly.

Keywords:   Maragoli, government, colonizers, colonial rule, independent Kenya, schools, clean water

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