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(p.1) Introduction
Delba WinthropHarvey C. Mansfield
University of Chicago Press

Our immediate point is that in order to understand democracy fully we, beginning as democrats, must conclude as philosophers do, examining not only the claims democracy makes, but the grounds on which the claims are held to be just or true. In raising these questions we move far from a consideration of democracy proper, but these questions must be raised in order to answer the primary question with which we are concerned: Does democracy make the city a whole, and if so, what kind of a whole is it? Can a democratic or any other city be understood as a whole that makes possible the exercise of man’s freedom and permits his living as he would wish? Can the regime be defended against its critics because it can be demonstrated to be the very order necessary for the exercise of man’s freedom and humanity?

Keywords:   Aristotle, democracy, philosophy

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