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Forming, Remodeling, and Reforming

Forming, Remodeling, and Reforming

Expanding the Evidence and Implications

(p.159) Chapter Seven Forming, Remodeling, and Reforming
Organizing Democracy
Paul PoastJohannes Urpelainen
University of Chicago Press

This chapter offers further qualitative evidence on the link between new democracies and IO formation and demonstrates the broader applicability of our theory. The chapter begins by describing the experiences of the Caribbean states, primarily Barbados, in forming CARIFTA and of the Southern Cone states, primarily Uruguay, in forming Mercosur. Both cases are clear examples of the mechanism highlighted throughout the book: democratizing states creating brand-new IOs. Moreover, both cases continue to illustrate how this process is assisted by established democracies. Canada, the United States, and Britain assisted CARIFTA, while the established democracies of the EU supported Mercosur. Next, the chapter moves to a case of remodeling and a case of reforming. Remodeling will be illustrated by the South African Development Community, while reforming will be illustrated by the OAS and its Unit for Democracy Promotion. Overall, these cases show how the IOs offered technical and material assistance in the provision of public goods. IO membership is not a panacea, but IOs do increase the odds of democratic consolidation.

Keywords:   shadow case studies, OAS, MERCOSUR, CARIFTA, SADC, SADCC, Barbados, Uruguay, Unit for Democracy Promotion

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