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Patterns of Occupancy in Time and Space

Patterns of Occupancy in Time and Space

(p.89) Chapter 7 Patterns of Occupancy in Time and Space
The Amboseli Elephants
Harvey CrozeCynthia J. Moss
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the ways that various social groupings have occupied the Amboseli ecosystem over time. It looks at inter-annual changes in occupancy of the central basin and the differential, coordinated occupancy by various families and bond groups within the basin. The chapter also records what is currently known about the spatial requirements for elephant corridors to and from the central basin using several direct and indirect techniques. Specifically, it looks at the following: ecosystem occupancy and changes in population use of the National Park over time; differences among families in occupancy of the Amboseli basin; shared occupancy by social groups; difference in occupancy between males and families; and requirements for “corridors” outside the Park.

Keywords:   occupancy, Amboseli ecosystem, social groupings, spatial requirements, National Park, Amboseli basin

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