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The Future of the Amboseli Elephants

The Future of the Amboseli Elephants

(p.327) Chapter 22 The Future of the Amboseli Elephants
The Amboseli Elephants
Harvey CrozeCynthia J. MossW. Keith Lindsay
University of Chicago Press

The future of the Amboseli elephants depends essentially on one thing: assured and secured access to the ecosystem. A protected area the size of Amboseli National Park clearly cannot sustain the current wildlife population permanently within its boundaries, particularly the migratory species. As in most wildlife-dominated ecosystems, sustainability is not entirely a biological problem; it depends on social and economic drivers, in the midst of which is the biggest “elephant in the room”: human population growth. Since it is beyond the scope of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, as well as apparently beyond the capacity of most governments, to do anything about these particular elephants, all that is possible is identify the threats and seek opportunities for mitigation. Thus, this chapter looks into current issues impacting future land use, land tenure, and livelihoods.

Keywords:   Amboseli elephants, ecosystem, Amboseli National Park, wildlife population, land use, land tenure, livelihoods

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