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The Amboseli Elephants: Introduction

The Amboseli Elephants: Introduction

(p.1) Chapter 1 The Amboseli Elephants: Introduction
The Amboseli Elephants
Cynthia J. MossHarvey CrozePhyllis C. Lee
University of Chicago Press

Elephants are long-lived animals, and to gather the data necessary to understand and describe their ecology and behavior would need a lifetime—both of elephant and human. To shed light on their full lifespan, the project in question and the elephants are to survive long enough. For this, humans have to safeguard the space required for sustaining members of this unique population and the capacity for future research. This chapter lays out four underlying themes that run throughout the chapters in the current volume: longevity, size, intelligence, and the future of the elephants in a changing and threatened ecosystem. All four themes situate the study and the volume in a single place: Amboseli. This volume is special in that it approaches a single species in one place from many perspectives, exploring how it makes a living in a specific but constantly changing habitat over a 60-plus-year lifespan from birth to death.

Keywords:   ecology, elephant, animal behavior, Amboseli elephant, longevity, lifespan, intelligence, ecosystem

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