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Dwelling in a Futurized Past

Dwelling in a Futurized Past

Longing for Ndumo

(p.163) Seven Dwelling in a Futurized Past
Song Walking
Angela Impey
University of Chicago Press

Chapter Seven attends to the politics of land and environmental conservation, and draws disparate voices into immediate view of one another through an examination of the making of the Ndumo Game Reserve. While the game reserve is an unambiguous political space, the chapter explores its ongoing imaginary as a site of impossible nostalgia; a fantasy experienced by its differently situated actors as a yearning for a past restored to an imagined pre-exilic integrity. While the racial violence of land and conservation in southeast Africa cannot be ignored, the chapter extends that recognition of points of common sentiment may move one beyond mere criticism and open new spaces of communication. It argues that in listening to multiple ontologies, there are vital lessons to be learned about the injurious mistakes of the past, which may, in turn, lead to the realization of a more equitable and culturally apposite alignment between environmental sustenance and local needs and practices.

Keywords:   Ndumo game reserve, nostalgia, memory and place, spaces of recognition

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