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Rain Is Only One Aspect of Water

Rain Is Only One Aspect of Water

(p.143) Six Rain Is Only One Aspect of Water
Song Walking
Angela Impey
University of Chicago Press

This chapter considers incomers’ shifting landscape epistemologies, reflecting at first on their interaction with the rivers and pans that dominate the region, and the ways that experiences, images and metaphors of water influence visions of themselves and those they lived amongst. The chapter traces the mutation of these fluid metaphors into “grounded” images of economic extraction and political control, which result from white industrial expansion and the permanent settlement in Maputaland by European traders and farmers. The reconstruction of this transformative moment in the history of the region builds on fragments of information drawn from memoirs, letters and personal interviews. As with Chapter Four’s concern with the textualised history of the region, this material represents storying told remotely, and while the patchwork of quotes and citations are used to insert a sense of livedness within the chapter, its unfolding is generally devoid of the sensory, the quotidian and the sounded.

Keywords:   white settler economy, water, land, political control

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