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Walking, Singing, Pointing, Usuthu Gorge

Walking, Singing, Pointing, Usuthu Gorge

(p.73) Three Walking, Singing, Pointing, Usuthu Gorge
Song Walking
Angela Impey
University of Chicago Press

Chapter Three proceeds as a walk undertaken with the women in Usuthu Gorge, a ward situated at the precise juncture of South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. Framed as an extended narrative, the walk, and the walking songs that accompany it, chronicle women’s lives in the borderlands, linking specific sites and localities to memories about childhood, kinship ties, linguistic identities and women’s livelihood practices. Embedded in this conversation is an intimate exposition of what it means to live at the edge of three nation states, where the political topography and institutional patchiness emerges in its sharpest relief, and where the ecologies of constraint and opportunity affect a constant process of adaptation, hybridity and motion.

Keywords:   border-making, Usuthu Gorge, land, economic change, women's farming practices

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