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“What a Fellowship”: Radically Inclusive Futures

“What a Fellowship”: Radically Inclusive Futures

(p.145) Five “What a Fellowship”: Radically Inclusive Futures
Filled with the Spirit
Ellen Lewin
University of Chicago Press

TFAM's outreach to those long demeaned in the black church is understood within the doctrine of radical inclusivity and this chapter explores its expansiveness and possible limitations. An important aspect of TFAM's vision of its future is expressed in the encouragement of seminary or other education, fostering an understanding of Christianity as linked to particular historical and cultural contexts. Such understanding enables TFAM to circulate interpretations of biblical texts that do not disparage LGBT lives. Along these lines, TFAM is dedicated to broad notions of where spiritual truth may lie, opening up to the doctrines of non-Christians.

Keywords:   radical inclusivity, education, biblical interpretation

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