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(p.65) Dedications
The Complete Writings of an Italian Heretic
Olympia Morata
University of Chicago Press

This chapter looks at several dedications with reference to Olympia Fulvia Morata. It starts with Caelius Secundus Curio's dedication to the illustrious and religious woman Isabella Manriquez Bresegna, through Jesus Christ. However, one's age, blessed in many things, is even more blessed than others in that it has produced several such women, and among them one in particular, on whom God seemed to have conferred all the endowments of genius. She was named Olympia Fulvia Morata, the daughter of the learned man Fulvius Moratus of Mantua. Morata undertook a defense of the Roman orator against certain of his new critics, an oration which Caelius Calcagnini, a most learned man, approved of highly. She wrote remarks on the prince of poets, Homer, and composed many poems in a variety of meters, especially on divine subjects, with great elegance.

Keywords:   Olympia Fulvia Morata, Caelius Secundus Curio, Isabella Manriquez Bresegna, Fulvius Moratus, Caelius Calcagnini, Homer, divine subjects

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