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Child Support

Child Support

Interactions between Private and Public Transfers

(p.587) 9 Child Support
Means-Tested Transfer Programs in the United States
Robert I. LermanElaine Sorensen
University of Chicago Press

This chapter, which examines child support policies, especially the activities of the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Program, and how they interact with transfer policies and affect the low-income population, is organized as follows. Section 9.2 reviews the history of the CSE program, its rules, and objectives. Section 9.3 considers the economic rationale for government's role in child support. Section 9.4 describes trends in child support awards and payments. Section 9.5 discusses the importance of child support to low-income families. Section 9.6 examines the capacity of noncustodial parents to pay child support. Section 9.7 discusses the trends in costs and effectiveness of the child support program. Section 9.8 reviews the financing of this program. Section 9.9 examines the effects of child support incentives on behavior. Section 9.10 discusses remaining equity issues within child support. Section 9.11 considers several reform proposals. The final section draws conclusions about directions for the future of child support policies.

Keywords:   child support policies, Child Support Enforcement, public transfer program, low-income families, child support payments

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